Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bad things happen to good people

Usually sometime during the week I'd pick up my phone checking the time difference between here and Oman. After I make sure it's an appropriate time to make a call, I dial the first phone number I have ever memorised and the phone number I'll never forget.

I wait for it while it connects followed by the ringing and then his deep caring yet formal voice picks up and the first thing he says is "A'salamu 3laykum", I reply back and give him a second or so to recognise my voice.

Once he realises its me, his voice softens and I could almost hear his smile. I ask him how he is, his health and how work is going. In return, he asks me if I have any good news for him. I fill him in with what happened during the week, my marks and my next assignments. His replies are always different yet always the same "barak Allah feeki" or "domik khair w barakah ya binti" and followed by a lovely dua' to Allah asking him to guide, protect and help me. And every time he says that, I feel a lump in my throat knowing that he loves me more than I could imagine. He then asks me if I need anything and if I have enough money. We say our goodbyes and I hang up feeling fresh and ready to continue whatever I have in hand.

It's been more than 3 weeks since I last talked to my father. I feel something missing with every week passing. Hearing his voice made such a difference, made my weeks pass smoothly.

My father has been in a car accident on a Friday night 3 weeks ago. I didn't hear about it until the next morning. I was at my friend's place in London, our 2nd day of the ultimate girls' weekend. I went to check my phone to find 3 missed calls 2 from my mom and the 3rd from my sister along with a whatsapp message asking where I am. I quickly gave her a call that ended with tears streaming down my face barely able to breathe. One of my worst fears is losing my father and telling me about his car accident.. I just couldn't handle it. She told me that my father broke his leg, nose and a rib and that he's fully sedated, unconscious.

They reduce the sedation once in a while to see his response and I can't help but wonder, does he realise I'm missing?

My father is in Germany now, they've done his leg and nose surgery and are waiting for his rib to heal on its own. Hopefully in 10 days I'll get to finally see him, to finally come in peace with all my worries.

Until then, you'll always and forever be in my prayers dad.