Thursday, August 02, 2012

N for Norway

First of all a SUPER DUPER late Ramadhan Kareem may Allah shower you and your family with his blessings on this holy month!

After 6 weeks spent in Trondheim, Norway, I'm finally back home. Norway has done me good this summer, it was a great experience being part of the Active Summer project and meeting people from all around the world. Although we were busy planning and organising we went on a cabin trip as a treat, a little getaway if you like. The scenery was beyond amazing and we had a lot of fun just hanging around singing and for me just practicing my photography skills.

I found this scene just perfect and I knew right away that I should take a picture. The boat was a good subject and the mixture of sea, land and sky makes it just a bit more exciting.

What have you been doing this summer?