Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Longing for a break

My thoughts of a perfect break right now would be in a really cold place with snow (it has to be snowing or I wont get the "ultimate holiday/break experience"). I will not be spending my days outside but instead I'll be in a cozy bed with heaters opened and the place should be really warm, it should also have a fire place. I'll be wearing the comfiest clothes I could find and I should have an endless supply of hot drinks (preferably something with cinnamon in it). I will also need a pair of headphones that wont hurt my ears and I will be spending my time listening to music or watching TV shows and movies. It would be great if this place is at the top of a mountain and there shouldn't be any network. It would be perfect if I just ran away and not tell anyone where I'm heading. The only company I want is my cat and the only voices I want to hear are those coming from my headphones...