Monday, January 23, 2012

What I hate about new places

You know what I hate about going to new places? The fact that I end up going to a cab to be told the place is not worth a ride and when I still want to take the cab I end up looked at in a way that hints I'm a typical Arab that doesn't want to walk and I have lots of money and all that.

Anyways, I finished exams on the 19th and my sister arrived from Oman on the 20th. We spent friday in Manchester doing a bit of shopping and lots of eating. Apparently while we were enjoying our nachos in Barburrito in Trafford Centre, 2 actors from the Hollyoaks were there. We didn't notice them because 1) we don't watch Hollyoaks, and 2) because we were to busy catching up. We knew nothing about it until a waitress came and told us if we saw the celebrities and how she took pictures with them. Oh well, we dined in the same place with celebrities we have no idea how they look like :p

On saturday, we decided to have afternoon tea in Harrogate as I heard A LOT of good reviews about Betty's. I like to think of it as the british version of Laduree. The sandwiches were great and so were the cake and tart. We stayed in the tea room which was really good. Definitely giving it another visit since its almost 30 minutes away from Leeds. Harrogate is an amazing place, I could totally imagine myself  living somewhere like that.

Stole the picture from my sister's instagram :p

Starting my 2nd semester today. Hope it goes by smoothly