Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March Ramblings

Finally, I've got the time to put my thoughts together and post in my now dusty blog (I could imagine blowing over it and coughing lol). So let the ramblings begin...

Hmm where should I start? I think finally spring is DEFINITELY here. I can see the colorful flowers on the streets and people wearing shades (myself included). Ah I missed the sun and its finally my favorite season of the year <3

University.. Its almost the end of the 2nd semester, time passed soooo fast. The amount of work that I had to do so far is far from how I imagined it to be. I had the thought that the foundation year will be all about relaxing but to my surprise it was all about work work and wooork! The past 2 weeks have been nerve wrecking but its all been good after finishing my genetics presentation yesterday. One more assignment to hand in for biology and I'm ready to start my easter break. Instead of starting on it, I'm blogging in Starbucks with my usual caramel late :$
Since I mentioned Starbucks did you guys notice how they changed their logo? I feel its too plain right now

Other than university my obsession with fashion is getting a bit out of control and so is my spending. This month was all about shopping for the family and a bit more for me :$ you can skip this part if you don't give a shit about what fashion obsessions I'm going through lol

  • Rings: I was never obsessed over accessories in general but I noticed my ring obsession this month. I wouldn't care if their huge or thin or whatever I just love them <3 

  • I went shopping for the outfit I'll wear when I go back home for the easter break this Saturday. I'm not sure though if it will look like I'm overdressed for a flight, let me know maybe? Its basically a a maxi dress with a denim jacket. I can't seem to find the dress on Miss Selfridge's website or Polyvore :\
  • MAKEUP!! Ok so for as long as I remember, ever since I was allowed to apply makeup, it was ALWAYS my sister who applied it for me. The only thing I knew how to apply was the pencil eyeliner (kohl). And then the day came when I came to Leeds and had to just do it by myself. Yesterday after my presentation I went to Harvey Nichols and went straight to the Nars counter the women played with some products and showed me how to apply some and yup I'm in love with Nars products.. My absolute favorite Nars proucts so far:
Orgasm lipgloss and blush

Sheer Glow Foundation

Enough fashion related ramblings and let me think of other random stuff.. oh yeah! I've been making sometime for reading and I'm currently reading Walt Disney's biography called "The Animated Man" so far its interesting reading about him. If I was given the chance to meet one dead person I'll go for Walt Disney (might change my mind if you asked me the same question in a few years haha).

My love for photography is just building up more and more. I'm still annoyed though for not having enough time to practice and not knowing how to use the camera's options like I'm supposed to. What gets even more annoying is having an idea but not being able to come out with the outcome I want :\

Bye for now